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Sick Day

1 min read • tagged poetry

I lay in bed until 10

coughing up a lung

it is not a beautiful song

the day crawls by

does time expand in a body under malaise?

yes, I think so

simultaneously listless and restless

tired and wired

my mind craves engagement

the body denies the request

I fall asleep on the couch

many times

craving fresh air and movement

I take a walk to nowhere at 8:30 PM

I pass pizza places, bookstore and restaurants

clamoring with the Thursday night crowds

tiny tribes gathered on street corners

sharing libation-inspired conversation

passing cigarettes back and forth

their tips glowing a pronounced, sharp orange

I walk to the park

and see dogs in jackets

running, barking, playing on the cold January ground

I share furtive glances with passersby

bundled in jackets

seeking a destination warmer than

their current one

It is cold and quiet

my nostrils fill with crisp air

my walk comes to an end

I am better for it

© 2021 etnichols